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Camden County, NJ

Posted by on May 22, 2013 in Camden | Comments Off on Camden County, NJ

Camden County, New Jersey is an old county with a rich history.

At its earliest, the county was home to a highly-competitive fur trade. With the ever-growing city of Philadelphia across the river from the county, it became a travel hub. The county seat, the city of Camden, enjoyed a period of prosperity in the middle of the last century. The city’s manufacturing capabilities allowed it to grow and prosper.

Since then, economic downturns have made the city less attractive, leaving it in a bit of a dark place. In 2008, Camden had the highest rate of violent crime in the entire nation. It has had corrupt mayors and needed the state government to run vital public services. The city is experiencing urban decay and

Nevertheless, some of us love living in Camden and are working hard to return the city to its former glory. No one is happy about living in a place that consistently makes it near the top of “most dangerous places to live” rankings. Instead, we want Camden county to be a nice, enjoyable place to live.

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